Skin Care Manufacturing


We support.  NCL understands the importance of being a steward to the community - standing as an advocate for great causes.  Recently, they took the opportunity to support a local non-profit animal shelter through the Idaho Gives movement.
The Idaho Gives Program is a non-profit website that designates one day a year to raise money for many non-profits across the state of Idaho.   This great program raises over a million dollars in one day for multiple deserving foundations.
The Snake River Animal Shelter is a local non-profit that works to find a home for every dog and cat that comes into their facility.  Their goal is to improve adoption rates and avoid euthanasia.  This year, they have already found new homes for 234 cats and dogs.

Assisting Snake River Animal Shelter in making over $11,000 towards reducing cat adoption fees and building a new medical wing for their facility, NCL was honored to take part in such a worthy cause.  Always looking for new ways to serve their great community, NCL looks forward to future opportunities to make a difference.


With the end of March Madness, tournament brackets everywhere are being scrutinized to assess how well the odds were defied and results correctly forecasted.  At Northwest Cosmetic Labs, brackets are being scrutinized for a different reason.  With the wrap-up of their annual Hoops for Hope charitable event, March Madness brackets are being scrutinized to select one lucky person to receive $500.00 for the charity of their choice.

This year, after great participation and many excellent bracket predictions, the winner of Hoops for Hope chose the Spirited Sanctuary to receive this donation. The Spirited Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary located in Brentwood, California.  Standing up for neglected and displaced animals, they work tirelessly to look after creatures without a voice of their own.    

Scoring big for a great cause, NCL is honored to work with their customers to impact the world for the better.


New opportunities await.  Northwest Cosmetic Labs is excited to add a new state-of-the-art facility that has been built on the long-standing foundation of manufacturing success for all of our customers. 

This new building will allow for department expansions, more production capabilities, and a larger square footage to manufacture the highest quality product every time.  With more space and new high-tech machinery, NCL will be able to push the boundaries further and take our forward-thinking to the next level for all of our customers.

It is time.  Time for new opportunities and new possibilities.  NCL has embraced the future of cosmetic manufacturing with this new building; a building that is more than just brick and mortar.  It is a building that represents efficiency and hard work.  A building that embodies a strong commitment to our customers and a drive to provide the best service in the manufacturing industry.

NCL Welcomes New Director of Business Development: Tiffany Buzzatto

NCL is excited to welcome Tiffany Buzzatto to the NCL team as the newest Director of Business Development.  Tiffany has more than 10 years of experience in the cosmetic industry.  Working with two of the world’s leading raw material manufacturers, she has been able to fine tune her skills in formulating, business development, brand establishment, distribution management, and marketing.

Tiffany received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara and is currently working on her M.B.A. at the University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business which will be completed in May 2017.

Bringing her knowledge to NCL, Tiffany will work with NCL’s leading team of chemists, marketing experts, and project managers to create custom, quality, finished products for customers.  Her main goal is to enable a creative space for development of prestige beauty care while providing the highest level of service to all brands and organizations.  Tiffany will maintain project timelines, targeted cost parameters, and great communication to help assist brands and organizations in obtaining their goals and visions.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Tiffany will be a great contact for many of NCL’s customers.