Northwest Cosmetic Labs recently showed their commitment to their customers and to quality products by receiving their ISO 22716:2007 certification.  This certification,  known as the Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices Certification, puts a high standard on the guidelines for the production, storage, control, and shipment of cosmetic products. 

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) brings a worldwide federation together to form international management standards.  These standards give NCL a baseline for the practices and expectations in Good Manufacturing Practices.  An independent company recently traveled to NCL to review their good manufacturing practices and found that they manufacturer their cosmetic products according to the standards of Cosmetic GMP ISO 22716:2007.

Upon receiving the distinguished certification, Wendy Lees, Vice-President of Research and Technology, urged all employees to continue moving forward with their excellent GMP standards.  “Let’s take this opportunity to make sure we all have a long-term commitment to best practices and continuous improvement.  Let’s do what we say (Trust NCL) and continue to build trust by providing exceptional products and services.”

Putting their customers first, NCL has set a high standard for themselves and looks forward to retaining this standard as they continue to value and serve their customers.