Prefacing a groundbreaking announcement, Matt Bryant, the CEO of Northwest Cosmetic Labs (NCL), reminded the employees of NCL of their purpose and mission, “The idea of the Cosmovation Process™ is to push us to become better, to drive us further than what is expected, and to ensure that our customers are not only satisfied with their products, but are confident in our services.”  Focusing on this concept, he announced the creation of an innovative, new department.  This new entity, called the Research and Technology Department, will merge quality and innovation in a seamless new way, bringing together the already established Research and Development and portions of the Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance departments.

The new Research and Technology Department will fall under the leadership of Wendy Lees, who will take on the role of NCL’s first Vice-President.  This new management model will ensure a better focus and organization with product integrity/stability testing incorporated into an earlier stage in the development process.  Matt Bryant believes that this new model will help NCL “be preventative rather than detective” and will ensure maximum efficiency with “everything under one roof.”

The new Research and Technology Department will focus on new, rigid guidelines on formula development that will ensure that innovative formulas are created with a fewer number of submissions to approval, are fully compliant with the customer’s guidelines and vision, and are scaled up with unfailing reliability.

Creating a culture where departments work together cohesively for the benefit of the customer, Matt Bryant looks to the future to build confidence in the collaborative abilities driven by a team mindset.  “Customers will know that when they receive a product from us, it has been vetted and thoroughly looked at, not by one person, but by a dedicated, trained team.”