NCL's Campus Expansion Project Progresses

Northwest Cosmetic Labs has shown again that their efficiency and smart business practices don’t just reach their quality products but every aspect of their business.  With a brand new 79,000 square foot building under construction right now, NCL is using an advanced technique called tilt-up concrete construction to complete the structure of their building.

Tilt-up Construction is a form of construction where the walls are cast onsite and then lifted into place.  Considered one of the most energy efficient forms of construction, the walls are poured in five levels, alternating foam and cement.  This form of construction allows for a quicker and more durable wall that is highly insulated.  The actual erection of the walls takes place in a short amount of time, and when finished, the main walls of the exterior are standing and complete.

To lift these large walls into place, a crane with a 22,000 pound counterweights is used in order to pull up the walls.  Looking back on the process, Ally Hunter, Director of Research and Development, explains: “Watching this process take place is pretty amazing.  At the beginning of the week, there are no walls up on the new building, and by the end of the week, the exterior of a large building is in place.  I believe this is just another example of how NCL works hard to better accommodate the needs of their customers.”

With benefits such as longevity, durability, and energy efficiency, the tilt-up construction is a great option that allows for little maintenance and an attractive appearance. 

NCL is looking forward to this added building to their industrial complex which should be completed by the end of October.  With administrative offices and a large new compounding, production, laboratory, and warehouse suite, NCL looks forward to more growth and continual quality for their customers.