NCL Renovates Current Building; Customer Support Teams Expanded

Mezzanine Space Before and After

Northwest Cosmetic Labs is known for their innovation and are pushing the boundaries of what is expected out of a cosmetic manufacturer. Customers always rave about the excellent customer service they experience when working with NCL and because of this, there is no question as to why NCL is experiencing such a tremendous amount of growth in sales and in their excellent work force.

NCL has grown over 400% in the past 5 years and hopes to maintain this growth trend into 2016 and beyond. NCL truly has become a powerhouse in the cosmetic manufacturing world. Because of the growth that they have experienced, NCL has found a need to expand their dedicated work force. NCL has gained over 150 new employees in the past year, becoming one of the fastest growing companies in Idaho.

Experiencing large growth in almost every department, NCL has found it necessary to expand their facility to ensure that they can provide the best quality service for their customers. NCL recently announced a 78,000 square foot building that will be completed before the end of the year. This new building will be home to administrative offices as well as a huge production area and some warehousing. But, until the new building is completed, NCL has found the need to build new office space for their growing staff within the walls of their already established buildings. We have some great things in store. I think all of our customers are going to be blown away at what new services we are going to start offering to them in 2016."

NCL is housed in two large buildings. Both are home to production areas and warehousing, but one, rightfully called the Innovation Center, is home to NCL's famous Research and Development lab. To make more room for their growing staff, NCL turned a mezzanine storage area in the Innovation Center into a beautiful office space in less than two months. The new addition added two new offices, a conference room, and a large area for numerous desks and cubicles. NCL moved their growing customer marketing support and supply chain departments into this newly renovated space.

The expansion of the supply chain department is a strategic customer emphasis at NCL right now. Recently NCL reorganized their structure by placing purchasing, warehousing, shipping/receiving, and scheduling together. They have expanded this department to help meet their customer deadlines. Matt Bryant, NCL CEO, stated in reference to the newly established supply chain department, “our job is to ensure that our customers’ needs are being met. Because of this, we are always looking for ways to improve communication and become better at collaborating. That is what good businesses do, they adapt quickly to their customers’ evolving needs.”

Customer marketing support is also a department that has expanded. They have doubled the size of their marketing department in the past year and all of this is due to the fact that NCL has been working hard to offer services that are not currently being offered in the cosmetic manufacturing world. “We have some great things in store. I think all of our customers are going to be blown away at what new services we are going to start offering to them in 2016. We are looking at revamping how we support our customers in all aspects, but especially in our communication with them,” said Riley Kurtz, NCL’s Marketing Coordinator. He continued on by saying that NCL has recently hired Robin Haldane, a very high-caliber marketer, graphic designer, and photographer that will help NCL achieve its goals to open up communication mediums and offer better product marketing materials.

Both the newly expanded customer marketing support and supply chain teams are housed in this renovated space. This new addition not only stands as a symbol to all of the employees that their hard work and dedication is manifesting itself through the tremendous growth that NCL has experienced recently, but as a symbol of support to all of NCL’s customers. NCL is willing to make large investments to ensure that their customers are being well taken care of. NCL has always been known for their quality customer service, and the new mezzanine project is just another example of the flexibility that NCL exhibits on a daily basis for their clientele. This flexibility includes getting creative to expand their already existing facilities to make room for more employees to guarantee that their clients’ needs are being met.