Northwest Cosmetic Labs is a Halal Inspected Facility

The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) inspected Northwest Cosmetic Labs on April 9, 2014 for compliance with halal certification requirements. An NCL customer, seeking a halal certification, arranged for IFANCA to review the process, products and sanitation at NCL in order for them to be granted a Halal certification. This certification permits customers to sell a premium product in countries that are predominantly Muslim.

Halal is an Arabic word meaning “good” or “permitted” according to the dietary standard of Muslims. Prohibited substances for diet include alcohol, pork, and animals improperly slaughtered. In the Personal Care Industry halal certified products are those that contain no animal derived ingredients and contain no alcohol. These products are identified by the Crescent M logo on the package.

During the NCL inspection, Dr. Mujahid Masood, from the IFANCA, looked at the halal raw materials and the source of the ingredients utilized in the formulations as part of the certification approval process. Everything at NCL was up to standard and the customer seeking the certification was granted it.

Products that are not halal certified are allowed to be sold in Muslim predominate countries; however, halal certified products are considered superior and reach the largest demographic.

According to, “The market for halal-certified products is huge and growing. It includes the 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide and millions of health-conscious non-Muslims who chose to eat halal certified products… There are over 9 million Muslims in North America, over 200 million in Europe, over 300 million in Africa, nearly 200 million in the Middle East and over 800 million in Asia.”

IFANCA issues halal certificates annually or for each batch depending on the product.

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