Northwest Cosmetic Labs Opens New Innovation Center

Northwest Cosmetic Labs’ employees, along with the company’s owners, architects, general contractors, and other trusted company advisors, gathered yesterday morning at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new, state-of-the-art, Innovation Center. Approximately 120 people attended the ceremony led by CEO, Matt Bryant. Everyone present was invited to cut a piece of the logo-imprinted ribbon as a keepsake upon entering to tour the new facility.

The new facility includes a 1,500 square ft. R&D lab, 3,000 square ft. of shipping space as well as five new offices for sales and R&D, a conference room, break room, file room, storage space and an upstairs product retain room. There is space available for kettles and up to 15 future filling and assembly lines. It is expected that shipping will increase capacity by 25% with the extra space.

The expanded lab space and added equipment will allow R&D to double their output and reduce lead times from formulation to product launch.

Ally Hunter, Director of R&D, is very excited about the new R&D space. She said, “We have talked about this for so long. I think it is amazing. My team loves the added space to work, play and create. I am beyond thrilled.”

The name of the building suits its purposes. The R&D team works hand in hand with the account managers and the customers to produce unique products that customers desire to launch into the marketplace. R&D is always creating product innovations independent from customer requests.

Bryant remarks on the expansion, “The new space is designed to promote creative thought.”

NCL lean engineer, Austin Searle, did the framework and drafted the preliminary plans of the expansion project, including advising on a lean workflow layout. Construction on the facility began this year on May 24 and ended October 21.

Bryce Rasmussen, NCL Director of Operations said, “When you are having astronomical growth, you need this room for R&D so they can produce more for our customers with a quicker turnaround time. You need more space for shipping to handle volume for shipping and production. The new space should be very helpful.”

To learn more about NCL’s expansions and innovations, please visit or call 208.522.6746 to talk to a sales representative.