Northwest Cosmetic Labs Announces New Tube-Sealing Machine Capability

Northwest Cosmetic Labs announces the upcoming arrival of a new tube-sealing machine this August. This machine will accompany the other three filling machines owned by NCL, but offers an expanded range of capabilities.

The additional machine differs from the others in the fact that it can fill metal tubes and it uses design-a-seal technology to offer customized crimps to customers. The new machine comes equipped with a combination sealing beam hot air system for sealing plastic, plastic-laminated, and aluminum-laminated tubes, as well as a folding station for four different types of folds for metal tubes.

These advanced packaging capabilities allow NCL to now package oxygen- sensitive products including retinol. Nitrogen purging, operated by PLC, is done to remove all oxygen from the tubes so that oxygen sensitive products can be better preserved and have a longer shelf life.

Matt Bryant, CEO of NCL said, “This machine has opened up a whole new capability for us. It fills the need for packaging professional skin care products and giving them an apothecary look and feel.”

The tube-sealing machine can fill a variety of tube sizes ranging from 10- 50 mm in diameter, 50-250mm in length and 1 to 300 ml in filling volume.

Josh Benson, Director of Technical Sales commented, “This machine gives us the capability to create new products that we have never been able to offer before.”

For more information about the new product capabilities NCL has to offer, please call 208.522.6723 or email