Northwest Cosmetic Labs Announces New Lipstick Manufacturing Capability

Northwest Cosmetic Labs, a Gary Voigt owned company, announces the addition of a new silicone mold lipstick machine to their product manufacturing capabilities.The technology behind the silicone molds allows for each individual lipstick to have finite and crisp details.

The purchase of the machine was due to NCL’s recent expansions and customer encouragement. Customers can choose from a variety of bullet shape molds to represent their individual brand.

“We had been turning away business,” said Matt Bryant, the CEO of NCL. “People would see our logo and think that we made lipstick.”

Now, the bold red lips on the NCL logo proudly advertise the latest innovative product capabilities NCL offers and invites all customers to take advantage of them.

This high-quality lipstick machine requires no flame to make the lipstick look smooth and pristine. Normally lipstick is manufactured using two metal molds. When the molds come together they leave a line of differentiation that requires glazing and molding. The new silicone molds need no flame and allow for customized shaping and embossing.NCL can even take customer’s existing formulas and create bullets that will fit into their current packaging.

Josh Benson, director of technical sales, shared samples with customers to show them the differences between their current lipstick bullets and the silicone made bullets.

“They were impressed with the smoothness and shininess of the bullets made with our silicone molds,” said Benson.

Lauren Armstrong, manager of research and development said, “it’s been a fun and exciting learning experience for R&D to be able to create new types of products.”

The new machine has allowed NCL to add over 8 new products to their portfolio of capacities and capabilities.  Among these products are; lipstick, creamy stick eye shadow, slim line lipstick, stick concealer, bullet lip balm, lip treatment, and miniature lipstick. Of course, this complements nicely NCL’s current lip product capability, including lip-gloss, lip plumper, lip scrub, traditional lip balm, and lip therapy.

Bryant said, “this is a very logical extension to our product capabilities, and we just took the next step.”

For more information about the new product capabilities NCL has to offer, please call 208.522.6723 or email