Northwest Cosmetic Labs Completes First Phase of Expansion

Northwest Cosmetic Labs (NCL), a Gary Voigt owned company, has completed the first phase of a major expansion project in an effort to increase their warehouse and production space by nearly 50,000 square feet.  This expansion became necessary to sustain record growth NCL experienced in the last two years. The additional space will allow for quicker turnaround times for product manufacturing, will help to reinforce NCL’s strict compliance to quality control and safety standards, and will help sustain the future growth of the company.

Included in the first phase of the expansion are 6,000 square feet of production space and nearly 14,000 square feet of warehouse space.  This “room to grow” will ensure that NCL continues to meet and exceed the demands of their customers.  

Northwest Cosmetic Lab’s CEO/CFO, Matthew Bryant, explains that the expansion not only allows for larger, more efficient production runs, it also “allows us to run an additional six filling lines and will accommodate our expansion into new product categories in the near future.”  The new capabilities will be added to the space soon.  Bryce Rasmussen, Director of Operations, projects that “the added production capabilities will increase productivity and efficiency by 20-30 percent.”

The 14,000 square feet of warehouse space will primarily be used to store packaging materials.  It will also house an energy efficient, environmentally friendly, box-making machine.  The machine will enable NCL to make custom-sized boxes for their shipping needs.

The new production and warehouse spaces further demonstrate Northwest Cosmetic Labs’ commitment to safe-guarding the health of the consumer. In congested production areas there is continual risk for cross contamination, but as Bryant states, “since this expansion gives us more space in which to operate, it enhances our already strong physical segregation of products within our facility.  Besides being a matter of maintaining compliance to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) now and as we continue to grow, it goes to our core values to produce the best quality personal care and color products on the market.”

The expansion will also enable Northwest Cosmetic Labs to meet and surpass strict employee safety standards. In January 2011, NCL celebrated two years without a single lost-time safety incident.  Bryant concludes, “Having increased space for production workers to move and work freely further promotes a safe work environment.”

Finally, the expansion of the physical facilities of NCL has also made a positive impact to the local economy.  Bryant explains, “We anticipate the expansion and new capabilities will result in the addition of at least 15-20 new jobs in the next 12 months.  This includes machine operators, quality control personnel and mechanics.”  The company is currently working on plans for phase two of their expansion that will create more jobs and opportunities for local workers.

Now more than ever before, Northwest Cosmetic Labs is poised to assist you in all of your cosmetic manufacturing needs.  Please contact us today.