Northwest Cosmetic Labs Celebrates 2 Years of Employee Safety

Northwest Cosmetic Labs, a prestige skin care and cosmetics manufacturer, celebrated two years worked with no lost time incident on January 19, 2011.  “No lost time” means that no one has missed work due to an injury or illness suffered on the job.

Lisa Barkow, Human Resources Manager, commented, “Ultimately safety is everyone’s responsibility.  At Northwest Cosmetic Labs, we look out for each other during the work day.”

Bryce Rasmussen, Director of Operations, observed, “We are getting better at identifying and eliminating safety risks in the workplace.  Our employees know that when they raise a safety concern, we will investigate and eliminate the hazard or the unsafe act.  Employees are increasingly comfortable correcting an unsafe act of another member of the team.”

Employees celebrated the safety milestone on January 19 with a catered lunch. To further recognize this exceptional achievement, a banner was placed on Northwest Cosmetic Labs corporate headquarters, exclaiming “Celebrating 2 years of employee safety!”