Organic Growth Through Acquisition as Elevation Labs Acquires Colorado Quality Products

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Idaho Falls, ID, July 30th, 2018 — Elevation Labs, LLC (“Elevation Labs”) has completed the acquisition of Colorado Quality Products, LLC (“CQP”) of Aurora, CO. This transaction closed on July 27, 2018.  In conjunction with the transaction, NCL Holdings, LLC has rebranded as Elevation Labs, LLC, which will serve as a holding company for its three divisions - Northwest Cosmetic Laboratories LLC (“NCL”, located in Idaho Falls, ID), Dream Team Beaute, LLC (located in Los Angeles, CA) and now adding CQP.

Elevation Labs is a leading formulator and manufacturer of innovative skin care and color cosmetic products for prestige beauty brands. CQP is a rapidly growing manufacturer of high quality personal care products with unique capabilities in the formulation of natural and organic products. This acquisition will expand Elevation Lab’s R&D capabilities while adding many new customer relationships that can now access the combined company’s broader product offerings.  CQP’s entire management team, led by its President, Worth Turner, will remain with the company and work closely with Elevation Labs other divisions to drive growth opportunities for the combined company. 

“Colorado Quality Products is a perfect fit with the business we are building at Elevation Labs,” said Mike Michael Hughes, President and CEO of Elevation Labs.  “CQP brings significant expertise and certifications and has a reputation for creating innovative natural and organic products.  This sector is experiencing rapid growth driven by consumers that are increasingly demanding clean and natural ingredients in their products.  We can offer CQP clients access to new product categories, such as regulated over-the-counter (“OTC”) products and color cosmetics, while offering current customers of NCL and DTB a direct pathway to organic formulations” Hughes added. “We have established a great working relationship with Worth and his team, our cultures and principles are very aligned. We look forward to blending our capabilities to accelerate the growth for us and our customers.”

“We were looking for a partner that could help us expand our reach and Elevation Labs brings exactly the right combination of capabilities, reputation and scale to help us achieve our goals,” commented Worth Turner. “We are excited to partner with Elevation Labs in this next stage of our growth.”


“By combining CQP with NCL and Dream Team, we are building the premier formulator and manufacturer of high quality skincare, innovative color cosmetics and natural and organic personal care products,” said Michael Hughes.  “We will continue to invest in new capabilities and talent in all three divisions to better serve our expanding base of prestige beauty brands.

About Elevation Labs

With more than 300,000 square feet of production capacity and 550 dedicated full-time employees, Elevation Labs is a comprehensive solution for the personal care and beauty markets.  Their diverse portfolio of product capabilities and manufacturing technologies ensures that they can service all customer needs from an innovative pressed powder project to a specialized sunscreen or an organic skincare product.  The company will continue to operate out of all three geographies – Idaho, California and Colorado.  For more information on Elevation Labs and or any of the three partner companies please visit us at



NCL Welcomes New Packaging Engineer: Ryon Lockhart

Northwest Cosmetic Labs is excited to welcome Ryon Lockhart to the NCL team.  Ryon comes to Northwest Cosmetic Labs with over 10 years of experience in the beauty and skin care industry as a packaging engineer.  

Ryon received a Bachelor’s of Science in Packaging from Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.

Ryon’s top priorities as NCL’s packaging engineer will be to provide technical support to the R&D and Project Management teams with packaging selection and qualification during product development.  Utilizing his expertise, he will coordinate with NCL’s product development teams and operations to design packaging that meets every customer’s creative vision and functional requirements.


Northwest Cosmetic Laboratories, LLC (“NCL”) today announced that the Board of Directors has appointed Michael Hughes as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Mike joined NCL in August of 2017 as its Chief Operating Officer and added the responsibilities of President in November.

Mike previously spent 18 years in the beauty industry with Proctor & Gamble, where he successfully led multiple businesses for P&G, including

its largest beauty manufacturing & distribution facility and the supply chain operations for a global prestige brand. In his first year at NCL, Mike has embraced the company’s “can-do” attitude and agility, while bringing new systems and capabilities to drive incremental rigor and growth. Mike’s mantra of “Promises Made, Promises Kept” is already helping take the customer service focus of the company to the next level.

“Mike has been a tremendous addition to the NCL team and brings a combination of strong leadership and expertise in operations and manufacturing in the beauty industry.

He is leading multiple initiatives to invest in and drive growth, increase efficiencies and exceed customers’ expectations for quality and responsiveness.

We and the rest of the leadership team fully support Mike as he takes the helm at NCL and look forward to its next phase of growth,” said Gary Voigt, Chairman of the Board of NCL.

Michael received his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University College Dublin in Ireland, his MBA from the University of Iowa.


NCL Welcomes New Director of Supply Chain: Carolina Quintela

Northwest Cosmetic Labs is excited to welcome Carolina Quintela to the NCL team as Director of Supply Chain.  Carolina comes to Northwest Cosmetic Labs with over 12 years of experience in the beauty and skin care industry.  Previously working with Procter & Gamble, one of the world’s leading consumer goods corporations, Carolina successfully delivered initiatives for billion dollar brands and worked on supply chain synchronization to optimize cost, cash, and customer service across all nodes.

Carolina received a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Florida and is currently completing a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati.

As Director of Supply Chain, Carolina’s goal is to create a synchronized and agile supply chain that will benefit every customer by meeting and exceeding their cost, cash, and responsiveness expectations.


NCL Welcomes New Director of Operations: Daniel Quintela

Northwest Cosmetic Labs is excited to welcome Daniel Quintela to the NCL team as Director of Operations.  Daniel comes to Northwest Cosmetic Labs with over 12 years of experience in the beauty and skin care industry.  Previously working with Procter & Gamble, one of the world’s leading consumer goods corporations, Daniel has collected valuable experience and expertise in operations.

Daniel received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida and a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Iowa.

As Director of Operations, Daniel’s top priority will be to continue to build and improve operations, creating a high-performance organization that is dedicated to serving and fulfilling the needs of every customer.


Northwest Cosmetic Labs is excited to welcome Jennifer Hemphill to the NCL team as the Director of Quality.  Jennifer comes to Northwest Cosmetic Labs with over ten years of experience.  Previously working as the Head of Quality and Regulatory for a dietary supplement company, she has a vast knowledge of quality control, quality assurance, and management.

Originally from South Carolina, Jennifer attended Lander University in Greenwood, SC, receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry. 

Jennifer’s main goal as the Director of Quality is to collaborate with the Quality team and Operations to improve and enhance the quality of every product that is produced at NCL.  She will oversee Customer Concerns, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control and will report directly to Wendy Lees, Vice-President of Research and Technology. 

Please join us in welcoming Jennifer Hemphill to the NCL team.


Northwest Cosmetic Labs is excited to welcome Michael Hughes to the NCL team as Chief Operating Officer.  Michael comes to Northwest Cosmetic Labs with over 17 years of experience in the beauty and skin care industry.  Previously working with one of the world’s leading consumer goods corporations, Procter & Gamble, Michael successfully directed operations in distribution and manufacturing, grossing over 2 billion in sales annually. 

“Michael’s extensive experience in supply chain, operations, leadership, and LEAN manufacturing makes him uniquely suited for this position,” stated Matt Bryant, CEO of Northwest Cosmetic Labs.  “We look forward to enhancing our perspectives as we collaborate with Michael, working as a team to further the success of our customers.”

Michael received his Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical engineering from University College Dublin in Ireland and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Iowa.

Bringing his vast knowledge to NCL, Michael will oversee all manufacturing operations across the company, including customer service, supply chain, purchasing, engineering, production, and continuous improvement.  Michael’s top priority will be to ensure that the highest quality products are being produced on time and in-full for every customer.  His goal is to build on NCL’s world-class operations, creating a culture that is highly adaptable, team-oriented, and streamlined to ensure excellent work flow and best-in-class responsiveness for every customer.


We support.  NCL understands the importance of being a steward to the community - standing as an advocate for great causes.  Recently, they took the opportunity to support a local non-profit animal shelter through the Idaho Gives movement.
The Idaho Gives Program is a non-profit website that designates one day a year to raise money for many non-profits across the state of Idaho.   This great program raises over a million dollars in one day for multiple deserving foundations.
The Snake River Animal Shelter is a local non-profit that works to find a home for every dog and cat that comes into their facility.  Their goal is to improve adoption rates and avoid euthanasia.  This year, they have already found new homes for 234 cats and dogs.

Assisting Snake River Animal Shelter in making over $11,000 towards reducing cat adoption fees and building a new medical wing for their facility, NCL was honored to take part in such a worthy cause.  Always looking for new ways to serve their great community, NCL looks forward to future opportunities to make a difference.


With the end of March Madness, tournament brackets everywhere are being scrutinized to assess how well the odds were defied and results correctly forecasted.  At Northwest Cosmetic Labs, brackets are being scrutinized for a different reason.  With the wrap-up of their annual Hoops for Hope charitable event, March Madness brackets are being scrutinized to select one lucky person to receive $500.00 for the charity of their choice.

This year, after great participation and many excellent bracket predictions, the winner of Hoops for Hope chose the Spirited Sanctuary to receive this donation. The Spirited Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary located in Brentwood, California.  Standing up for neglected and displaced animals, they work tirelessly to look after creatures without a voice of their own.    

Scoring big for a great cause, NCL is honored to work with their customers to impact the world for the better.


New opportunities await.  Northwest Cosmetic Labs is excited to add a new state-of-the-art facility that has been built on the long-standing foundation of manufacturing success for all of our customers. 

This new building will allow for department expansions, more production capabilities, and a larger square footage to manufacture the highest quality product every time.  With more space and new high-tech machinery, NCL will be able to push the boundaries further and take our forward-thinking to the next level for all of our customers.

It is time.  Time for new opportunities and new possibilities.  NCL has embraced the future of cosmetic manufacturing with this new building; a building that is more than just brick and mortar.  It is a building that represents efficiency and hard work.  A building that embodies a strong commitment to our customers and a drive to provide the best service in the manufacturing industry.


Northwest Cosmetic Labs, driven by their dedication to continuous improvement and quality, has received the ISO 13485:2003 Certification.  With the assistance of an accredited registrar, NCL is now internationally certified to contract manufacture silicone-based scar gel and other non-sterile medical devices.  In the cosmetic industry, medical devices are considered implants, machines, instruments, or in vitro reagents that are intended to be used in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases or other medical conditions. Northwest Cosmetic Labs is proud to offer quality manufacturing of medical devices at their facility.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) brings a worldwide federation together to form international management standards.  These standards give NCL a baseline for the practices and expectations in manufacturing medical devices. Wendy Lees, Vice-President of Research and Technology points out: “Each employee here [NCL] has a significant impact on the success of our business.  Each employee has a critical role in the continual improvement of our business.  A true quality system such as this helps to build a great foundation for managing our business, bettering our work environment, and providing better service to our customers.”

This new certification finds NCL looking to the future at their commitment to continue their high standard of quality.  With surveillance audits occurring 1-2 times a year, NCL is driven to continually surpass expectations and the high standards set by ISO.


Northwest Cosmetic Labs recently showed their commitment to their customers and to quality products by receiving their ISO 22716:2007 certification.  This certification,  known as the Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices Certification, puts a high standard on the guidelines for the production, storage, control, and shipment of cosmetic products. 

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) brings a worldwide federation together to form international management standards.  These standards give NCL a baseline for the practices and expectations in Good Manufacturing Practices.  An independent company recently traveled to NCL to review their good manufacturing practices and found that they manufacturer their cosmetic products according to the standards of Cosmetic GMP ISO 22716:2007.

Upon receiving the distinguished certification, Wendy Lees, Vice-President of Research and Technology, urged all employees to continue moving forward with their excellent GMP standards.  “Let’s take this opportunity to make sure we all have a long-term commitment to best practices and continuous improvement.  Let’s do what we say (Trust NCL) and continue to build trust by providing exceptional products and services.”

Putting their customers first, NCL has set a high standard for themselves and looks forward to retaining this standard as they continue to value and serve their customers.


Prefacing a groundbreaking announcement, Matt Bryant, the CEO of Northwest Cosmetic Labs (NCL), reminded the employees of NCL of their purpose and mission, “The idea of the Cosmovation Process™ is to push us to become better, to drive us further than what is expected, and to ensure that our customers are not only satisfied with their products, but are confident in our services.”  Focusing on this concept, he announced the creation of an innovative, new department.  This new entity, called the Research and Technology Department, will merge quality and innovation in a seamless new way, bringing together the already established Research and Development and portions of the Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance departments.

The new Research and Technology Department will fall under the leadership of Wendy Lees, who will take on the role of NCL’s first Vice-President.  This new management model will ensure a better focus and organization with product integrity/stability testing incorporated into an earlier stage in the development process.  Matt Bryant believes that this new model will help NCL “be preventative rather than detective” and will ensure maximum efficiency with “everything under one roof.”

The new Research and Technology Department will focus on new, rigid guidelines on formula development that will ensure that innovative formulas are created with a fewer number of submissions to approval, are fully compliant with the customer’s guidelines and vision, and are scaled up with unfailing reliability.

Creating a culture where departments work together cohesively for the benefit of the customer, Matt Bryant looks to the future to build confidence in the collaborative abilities driven by a team mindset.  “Customers will know that when they receive a product from us, it has been vetted and thoroughly looked at, not by one person, but by a dedicated, trained team.”

NCL Welcomes New Director of Business Development: Tiffany Buzzatto

NCL is excited to welcome Tiffany Buzzatto to the NCL team as the newest Director of Business Development.  Tiffany has more than 10 years of experience in the cosmetic industry.  Working with two of the world’s leading raw material manufacturers, she has been able to fine tune her skills in formulating, business development, brand establishment, distribution management, and marketing.

Tiffany received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara and is currently working on her M.B.A. at the University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business which will be completed in May 2017.

Bringing her knowledge to NCL, Tiffany will work with NCL’s leading team of chemists, marketing experts, and project managers to create custom, quality, finished products for customers.  Her main goal is to enable a creative space for development of prestige beauty care while providing the highest level of service to all brands and organizations.  Tiffany will maintain project timelines, targeted cost parameters, and great communication to help assist brands and organizations in obtaining their goals and visions.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Tiffany will be a great contact for many of NCL’s customers.

NCL's Campus Expansion Project Progresses

Northwest Cosmetic Labs has shown again that their efficiency and smart business practices don’t just reach their quality products but every aspect of their business.  With a brand new 79,000 square foot building under construction right now, NCL is using an advanced technique called tilt-up concrete construction to complete the structure of their building.

Tilt-up Construction is a form of construction where the walls are cast onsite and then lifted into place.  Considered one of the most energy efficient forms of construction, the walls are poured in five levels, alternating foam and cement.  This form of construction allows for a quicker and more durable wall that is highly insulated.  The actual erection of the walls takes place in a short amount of time, and when finished, the main walls of the exterior are standing and complete.

To lift these large walls into place, a crane with a 22,000 pound counterweights is used in order to pull up the walls.  Looking back on the process, Ally Hunter, Director of Research and Development, explains: “Watching this process take place is pretty amazing.  At the beginning of the week, there are no walls up on the new building, and by the end of the week, the exterior of a large building is in place.  I believe this is just another example of how NCL works hard to better accommodate the needs of their customers.”

With benefits such as longevity, durability, and energy efficiency, the tilt-up construction is a great option that allows for little maintenance and an attractive appearance. 

NCL is looking forward to this added building to their industrial complex which should be completed by the end of October.  With administrative offices and a large new compounding, production, laboratory, and warehouse suite, NCL looks forward to more growth and continual quality for their customers.

Northwest Cosmetic Labs Featured in Idaho Business Review

Northwest Cosmetic Labs was recently contacted by the Idaho Business Review about their recent growth. NCL, in the past four years has grown over 500%, and looks to continue that trend into the 2016 year. Because of the significant growth that NCL has experienced, the Idaho Business Review wanted to learn more about NCL's history, capabilities, and the current campus expansion project. NCL is building a fourth building on their already large campus to better serve their current customers.

The Idaho Business Review met with Dallin Draney, a Mechanical Engineer at NCL, and Riley Kurtz, the Marketing Coordinator at NCL, to discuss all of the aforementioned topics. Riley Kurtz said of the visit, "it was fun to talk about where we have been, where we are now, and the amazing future that is in store for Northwest Cosmetic Labs."
Click here to read the full article....

NCL Renovates Current Building; Customer Support Teams Expanded

Mezzanine Space Before and After

Northwest Cosmetic Labs is known for their innovation and are pushing the boundaries of what is expected out of a cosmetic manufacturer. Customers always rave about the excellent customer service they experience when working with NCL and because of this, there is no question as to why NCL is experiencing such a tremendous amount of growth in sales and in their excellent work force.

NCL has grown over 400% in the past 5 years and hopes to maintain this growth trend into 2016 and beyond. NCL truly has become a powerhouse in the cosmetic manufacturing world. Because of the growth that they have experienced, NCL has found a need to expand their dedicated work force. NCL has gained over 150 new employees in the past year, becoming one of the fastest growing companies in Idaho.

Experiencing large growth in almost every department, NCL has found it necessary to expand their facility to ensure that they can provide the best quality service for their customers. NCL recently announced a 78,000 square foot building that will be completed before the end of the year. This new building will be home to administrative offices as well as a huge production area and some warehousing. But, until the new building is completed, NCL has found the need to build new office space for their growing staff within the walls of their already established buildings. We have some great things in store. I think all of our customers are going to be blown away at what new services we are going to start offering to them in 2016."

NCL is housed in two large buildings. Both are home to production areas and warehousing, but one, rightfully called the Innovation Center, is home to NCL's famous Research and Development lab. To make more room for their growing staff, NCL turned a mezzanine storage area in the Innovation Center into a beautiful office space in less than two months. The new addition added two new offices, a conference room, and a large area for numerous desks and cubicles. NCL moved their growing customer marketing support and supply chain departments into this newly renovated space.

The expansion of the supply chain department is a strategic customer emphasis at NCL right now. Recently NCL reorganized their structure by placing purchasing, warehousing, shipping/receiving, and scheduling together. They have expanded this department to help meet their customer deadlines. Matt Bryant, NCL CEO, stated in reference to the newly established supply chain department, “our job is to ensure that our customers’ needs are being met. Because of this, we are always looking for ways to improve communication and become better at collaborating. That is what good businesses do, they adapt quickly to their customers’ evolving needs.”

Customer marketing support is also a department that has expanded. They have doubled the size of their marketing department in the past year and all of this is due to the fact that NCL has been working hard to offer services that are not currently being offered in the cosmetic manufacturing world. “We have some great things in store. I think all of our customers are going to be blown away at what new services we are going to start offering to them in 2016. We are looking at revamping how we support our customers in all aspects, but especially in our communication with them,” said Riley Kurtz, NCL’s Marketing Coordinator. He continued on by saying that NCL has recently hired Robin Haldane, a very high-caliber marketer, graphic designer, and photographer that will help NCL achieve its goals to open up communication mediums and offer better product marketing materials.

Both the newly expanded customer marketing support and supply chain teams are housed in this renovated space. This new addition not only stands as a symbol to all of the employees that their hard work and dedication is manifesting itself through the tremendous growth that NCL has experienced recently, but as a symbol of support to all of NCL’s customers. NCL is willing to make large investments to ensure that their customers are being well taken care of. NCL has always been known for their quality customer service, and the new mezzanine project is just another example of the flexibility that NCL exhibits on a daily basis for their clientele. This flexibility includes getting creative to expand their already existing facilities to make room for more employees to guarantee that their clients’ needs are being met.

Northwest Cosmetic Labs is a Halal Inspected Facility

The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) inspected Northwest Cosmetic Labs on April 9, 2014 for compliance with halal certification requirements. An NCL customer, seeking a halal certification, arranged for IFANCA to review the process, products and sanitation at NCL in order for them to be granted a Halal certification. This certification permits customers to sell a premium product in countries that are predominantly Muslim.

Halal is an Arabic word meaning “good” or “permitted” according to the dietary standard of Muslims. Prohibited substances for diet include alcohol, pork, and animals improperly slaughtered. In the Personal Care Industry halal certified products are those that contain no animal derived ingredients and contain no alcohol. These products are identified by the Crescent M logo on the package.

During the NCL inspection, Dr. Mujahid Masood, from the IFANCA, looked at the halal raw materials and the source of the ingredients utilized in the formulations as part of the certification approval process. Everything at NCL was up to standard and the customer seeking the certification was granted it.

Products that are not halal certified are allowed to be sold in Muslim predominate countries; however, halal certified products are considered superior and reach the largest demographic.

According to, “The market for halal-certified products is huge and growing. It includes the 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide and millions of health-conscious non-Muslims who chose to eat halal certified products… There are over 9 million Muslims in North America, over 200 million in Europe, over 300 million in Africa, nearly 200 million in the Middle East and over 800 million in Asia.”

IFANCA issues halal certificates annually or for each batch depending on the product.

For more information regarding halal certification, please visit

Northwest Cosmetic Labs Announces New Partnership With Clearview Capital

IDAHO FALLS, ID, APRIL 4, 2014: Northwest Cosmetic Labs announces their partnership with Clearview Capital, a private equity firm based in Connecticut. This financial partner will provide additional support and capital to help take NCL to the next level.

This partnership will result in no change for NCL employees, customers and vendors. Gary Voigt will continue his position on the Board of Directors as a significant investor. Matt Bryant, CEO of NCL, and his management team will continue to run the business as usual.

Voigt said, “Clearview has an extensive experience in developing entrepreneurial companies like NCL and will be a terrific partner for us as we look to capitalize on the growth opportunities ahead of us.”

The relationship with Clearview will support NCL as it continues to grow and satisfy the increasing demand of its customers for innovative and high quality products.

Bryant said, “We are excited to collaborate with Clearview who wholly supports our business strategy. Our plans call for supporting the growth of our customers and investing in innovation and product development to stay on the leading edge of prestige skincare and cosmetics. With Clearview, there is no stopping us now.”

Clearview Capital is a private investment firm specializing in the acquisition and recapitalization of North American companies. Clearview supports strong management teams and works collaboratively with them to create and realize value.

Voigt said, “Together with Clearview, we will maintain the Company’s culture of hard work, innovation and core values which have defined NCL.”

Northwest Cosmetic Labs Opens New Innovation Center

Northwest Cosmetic Labs’ employees, along with the company’s owners, architects, general contractors, and other trusted company advisors, gathered yesterday morning at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new, state-of-the-art, Innovation Center. Approximately 120 people attended the ceremony led by CEO, Matt Bryant. Everyone present was invited to cut a piece of the logo-imprinted ribbon as a keepsake upon entering to tour the new facility.

The new facility includes a 1,500 square ft. R&D lab, 3,000 square ft. of shipping space as well as five new offices for sales and R&D, a conference room, break room, file room, storage space and an upstairs product retain room. There is space available for kettles and up to 15 future filling and assembly lines. It is expected that shipping will increase capacity by 25% with the extra space.

The expanded lab space and added equipment will allow R&D to double their output and reduce lead times from formulation to product launch.

Ally Hunter, Director of R&D, is very excited about the new R&D space. She said, “We have talked about this for so long. I think it is amazing. My team loves the added space to work, play and create. I am beyond thrilled.”

The name of the building suits its purposes. The R&D team works hand in hand with the account managers and the customers to produce unique products that customers desire to launch into the marketplace. R&D is always creating product innovations independent from customer requests.

Bryant remarks on the expansion, “The new space is designed to promote creative thought.”

NCL lean engineer, Austin Searle, did the framework and drafted the preliminary plans of the expansion project, including advising on a lean workflow layout. Construction on the facility began this year on May 24 and ended October 21.

Bryce Rasmussen, NCL Director of Operations said, “When you are having astronomical growth, you need this room for R&D so they can produce more for our customers with a quicker turnaround time. You need more space for shipping to handle volume for shipping and production. The new space should be very helpful.”

To learn more about NCL’s expansions and innovations, please visit or call 208.522.6746 to talk to a sales representative.