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We believe in no surprises

With a vision of creating quality skincare and cosmetic products for the most popular and prestigious brands in the world, our founders created a company based on the principle of “no surprises.”

Since 1995, those big ideas have developed into a company that pushes the boundaries of formulating and manufacturing – driven by the deeply ingrained belief that our customers are the keystone of our company. 

With over 400 full-time employees and over 180,000 square feet of possibilities, Northwest Cosmetic Labs continues to build a committed team that creates quality products for every customer through first-class service and forward-thinking ideas.  We define ourselves and our success by the triumphs of our customers.  We work every day to learn from where we have been to make where we are going even better.


First-Class Service

NCL is committed to provide every customer a phenomenal experience when working with our company. From consistency in quality, to on-time delivery, to a solution oriented response to every new challenge....we are here to serve our customers with excellence


Forward-thinking ideas

With a large and experienced R&D and Marketing Staff, our team is constantly staying in touch with the trends in our industries. With every formula customized to the clients needs and expert help available on packaging, we plan to continue to create products that win awards across the globe


No surprises

Our reputation in the industry for consistently producing high quality products is backed up by the capability and facilities we have invested in. With leaders experienced with FDA and ISO requirments, we continue to successfully navigate the complex web of regulations and build ever-growing trust with our customers