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We believe in great connections.   Our experience has shown us that efficiency and success come from great connections with customers, technology, and forward-thinking processes.  Specializing in this, the IT Department continues to find ways, utilizing the Cosmovation Process®, to build on connections to enhance technology, to give customers a better experience, and to raise NCL’s processes to a new level of productivity.

The IT Department at Northwest Cosmetic Labs is currently preparing to launch a new customer portal which will change the face of customer service in the world of manufacturing.  This portal was designed and coded with the customer in mind, bringing convenience and productivity right to every customer’s phone or computer. 

Constantly looking for ways to improve processes at Northwest Cosmetic Labs, the IT Department has achieved a superior workflow, top-of-the-line communication systems, and dependable networking.  Prioritizing the customer in everything they do, they will continue to search out ways to build great connections through the Cosmovation Process®. 

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We deliver peace of mind.  At Northwest Cosmetic Labs, we understand the importance of each and every stage of the manufacturing process.  From ideation to delivery, we understand that every point of your product’s creation must be done in an exceptional way.

The Shipping Department at Northwest Cosmetic Labs embraces a forward-thinking mindset everyday as they prepare finished products for shipment.  Their expertise and precision ensure that shipments make it to their destination on track and on time with transparency of rates and tracking information.

Utilizing a customized checklist, designated by the customer, every shipment leaving Northwest Cosmetic Labs is checked and double-checked for the specific needs and regulations of each customer.  This progressive way of thinking ensures that every shipment will bring you peace of mind, being delivered in the condition and through the process you desired.

In short, we work hard to seek out the best and most innovative methods to efficiently and successfully complete your projects because that is what the Cosmovation® Process is all about.  Your success is our validation, and we work hard to have that validity in everything we do.


We support.  NCL understands the importance of being a steward to the community - standing as an advocate for great causes.  Recently, they took the opportunity to support a local non-profit animal shelter through the Idaho Gives movement.
The Idaho Gives Program is a non-profit website that designates one day a year to raise money for many non-profits across the state of Idaho.   This great program raises over a million dollars in one day for multiple deserving foundations.
The Snake River Animal Shelter is a local non-profit that works to find a home for every dog and cat that comes into their facility.  Their goal is to improve adoption rates and avoid euthanasia.  This year, they have already found new homes for 234 cats and dogs.

Assisting Snake River Animal Shelter in making over $11,000 towards reducing cat adoption fees and building a new medical wing for their facility, NCL was honored to take part in such a worthy cause.  Always looking for new ways to serve their great community, NCL looks forward to future opportunities to make a difference.

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NCL is excited to recognize Hector Yanez for his exceptional work in the Compounding Department.

Hector is a compounder on day shift.  He specializes in mixing ingredients together to create the bulk for production.  He has worked at Northwest Cosmetic Labs for two and a half years and enjoys working in compounding with a team of hard workers that create a welcoming and friendly environment.  His great attitude and drive to always work hard to get stuff done has made him an invaluable part of the Compounding team.

Outside of work, Hector enjoys playing soccer with family and friends.  This summer, he is looking forward to traveling to Glacier National Park in Montana and to Texas to visit family.

Please join us in congratulating Hector on a job well done!

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Northwest Cosmetic Labs is excited to recognize Kristina Jenkins for her outstanding work in Receiving.

Kristina is a receiving clerk who emulates the great work ethic and attitude that Northwest Cosmetic Labs values in their employees.  As a receiving clerk, she works hard to receive every package that comes to Northwest Cosmetic Labs.  This can include unloading a truck, unloading or reorganizing a pallet, logging in new packages, and much more.

Kristina is a very friendly person who values hard-working co-workers who still create a fun work atmosphere.  She is always trying to find ways to help where she can, and she strives to always find the best in people.

When she is not at work, Kristina loves the outdoors and spending time with her children and four grandchildren.  Whether she is camping, gardening, or out on the water, she can’t get enough of what nature has to offer.

Please join us in congratulating Kristina on a job well done!


On Saturday, June 10 from 11-2, Northwest Cosmetic Labs is holding a job fair for potential new employees and an open house for the public to showcase their newest building – the Cosmovation® Center. 

This exciting event will include a barbecue, guided tours for the public, and personnel on-hand to answer questions about job opportunities at Northwest Cosmetic Labs.

Located at 2105 Boge Avenue in Idaho Falls, Northwest Cosmetic Labs is a contract manufacturer of prestige cosmetics.  They have been a staple in the community for over twenty years and employ over seven hundred people from the greater Idaho Falls area.


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Cosmovation Now: Roses

No Longer Just a Romantic Gesture: The Impressive Cosmetic Benefits of Roses

Why Roses?

Roses have always been a fragrant gesture of love and adoration.  For centuries, the rose petal has adorned walkways, baths, and bedrooms, bringing an aromatic and luxurious sight for special occasions or just a pampering experience.  But roses are also known for other less superfluous uses.  Rose Water, Rosehip Oil, and many other subsidiaries of the rose flower have become a hot topic in the skincare industry.  It is time for that romantic grand gesture to become a highly sought-after and utilized skincare ingredient.

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Cosmovation Now: Kale

No Longer Just the Garnish on Your Plate: The Amazing Skin Benefits of Kale.

What is Kale?
From the plant species Brassica oleracea, it consists of green or purple leaves which do not form a head. 

Enjoy an enhanced antioxidant shield.
Kale creates a shield to protect your skin cells from free radicals caused by pollution.  Environmental aggressors can create free radicals in your skin which can prematurely age your skin, encouraging age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.  Kale, packed with powerful antioxidants, can prevent these negative side effects while repairing past damage from external pollutants as well.

Augment your youthful appearance.
Kale utilizes Lutein, a carotenoid, to promote the production of collagen.  With greater levels of collagen, your skin will have a more toned and firmed look, giving you a vibrant, more youthful appearance.

Are you in need of improved skin hydration?
Get that much-needed hydration while enjoying healthier-looking and cleaner-looking skin.  Kale is packed with Vitamin E which helps replenish the skin’s moisture while reducing the presence of inflammation and encouraging a more vibrant and refreshed complexion. 

Enrich your hair and scalp with intense moisture.
Kale utilizes omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to bring intense hydration to the hair and scalp, reducing dandruff and assuaging that pesky flaky scalp.

No longer just a garnish on your plate, Kale has become an enhanced personal care ingredient, enriching your skin and hair with needed nutrients.

Northwest Cosmetic Lab’s Cosmovation® Now videos focus on ingredients that can be used in skin care and cosmetic products. Northwest Cosmetic Labs (NCL) was founded in 1995 in a small, rented office located near Channing Way in Idaho Falls. NCL, in its 21 years of business, has become a powerhouse in the cosmetic manufacturing arena, working with some of today's top prestigious cosmetic brands. NCL is known for their unique process that brings a concept to customers. This process, dubbed the Cosmovation Process®, infuses innovation into every step, helping to successfully bring cosmetics into the hands of the customer.

Cosmovation™ Now: Broccoli Seed Oil

The Superfood that is no longer left on the plate: Broccoli Seed Oil’s Impressive Cosmetic Benefits.

What is Broccoli Seed Oil?
Broccoli Seed Oil, also known as Brassica Oleracea Italica Seed Oil, is an oil extracted from the broccoli seed.  It contains essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants, making it an excellent option for skincare formulations.

Is your hair looking a little undesirably dull?
Broccoli Seed Oil can bring back that attractive, glossy shine that you have been missing.  With a similar composition to a common silicone in shampoos, Broccoli Seed Oil’s unique fatty acid composition will leave you with an excellent natural sheen.

Are you sick of those pesky free radicals?
With a large amount of Vitamin C, Broccoli Seed Oil has the antioxidant properties needed to combat the negative effects of free radicals.  When Broccoli Seed Oil is formulated into skincare formulations, it will improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, giving your skin a more youthful complexion.

Are you longing for that natural glow?
Rich in Beta Carotene, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B Complex, Broccoli Seed Oil takes the skin from dull and drab to bright and fabulous.  That natural glow that you have been longing for is no longer out of reach in your skin regimen.

Are you ready to leave behind that frizzy hair?
Broccoli Seed Oil calms the frizz without weighing the hair down.  No longer will you need to coat your hair in silicone to tame those locks.  You can now enjoy a non-greasy, better controlled style no matter what occasion you are preparing for.

Are you trying to get the worries of dry skin off your plate?
Your skin can enjoy a deeper hydration with Broccoli Seed Oil.  With the fatty acids found in Broccoli Seed Oil, skin will have long-lasting moisture that will keep your skin smoother longer.

It is time to break through broccoli’s undesirable reputation to bring this super fruit back to the front line.  With its many impressive skin and hair benefits, Broccoli Seed Oil is ready to change its perception through its surprising personal care benefits.

Northwest Cosmetic Lab’s Cosmovation™ Now videos focus on ingredients that can be used in skin care and cosmetic products. Northwest Cosmetic Labs (NCL) was founded in 1995 in a small, rented office located near Channing Way in Idaho Falls. NCL, in its 21 years of business, has become a powerhouse in the cosmetic manufacturing arena, working with some of today's top prestigious cosmetic brands. NCL is known for their unique process that brings a concept to customers. This process, dubbed the Cosmovation Process™, infuses innovation into every step, helping to successfully bring cosmetics into the hands of the customer.

The Cosmetic Industry

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In an industry that is inundated with skin care and body care products that fight external pollutants, one glaring threat has historically been overlooked.  Blue HEVL (High Energy Visible Light), commonly referred to as Blue Light, is becoming a greater threat in the high-tech world that we live in.  This form of light pollution, which comes from smartphone screens, computer screens, televisions, and many other sources, can cause damage to the skin with as little as an innocent glance at your phone a few times a day.

Since technology is not going away, many skincare companies have an opportunity to market a solution to this growing epidemic that significantly plagues the “millennial” and “Linkster” generations.  Right now, the average US Millennial will check their phone 157 times a day, whereas the older generation will generally only check their phone about 30 times a day (Mintel).  This increase in Blue light exposure can cause a reduction in carotenoids (antioxidant) levels in the skin, reduce healthy sleep patterns, and induce hyperpigmentation in light-to-medium brown skin (Mintel).

An opportunity has arisen in the skin care and body care industries to address this growing threat.  Products that before were designed just for a sun protection factor can now be updated and reformulated to include Blue HEVL light pollution as well.  In a changing world with changing needs, the market is ready for new and forward-thinking approaches to shed new light on the age-old battle of healthy and protected skin care.

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Pollution is now. 

Pollution is no longer an invisible perpetrator that can be ignored and underestimated.  It has become a concern all around the world.  In its own way, it has united the world with a common goal, a goal to protect the human body from the harmful, and sometimes deadly effects of pollution.

Right now, about 3.3 million people in the world are dying a premature death each year due to air pollution (Mintel).  Many countries are inundated with the realities of harmful environmental aggressors every day, but many people don’t realize the negative effects that pollution is having on their skin.  A study that was done in February 2016 for Science Daily shows a link between the levels of traffic-related air pollution and nitrogen dioxide NO2 with the formation of dark spots on the facial skin (Mintel).    Another study conducted by Dr. Frauke Neuser for Olay showed that air pollution can negatively impact the skin’s health by compromising its hydration and barrier function (Dermatology Times). 

As the risk and education of pollution continues to grow, many see the anti-pollution movement becoming the next UV movement, ensuring that the personal care industry will make it a standard routine to have anti-pollution claims on all their products (Mintel).

What does this mean for the personal care industry? 

Right now, only 1% of personal care launches focus on the anti-pollution concept (Mintel).  This leaves a lot of opportunity for new and innovative lines that address this problem head-on.  Navigating this new area of personal care, companies will find great success in their forward-thinking approach to a growing skincare needs.

Applying their Cosmovation Process™ in all aspects of their company, Northwest Cosmetic Labs has done their research and is ready to assist their customers in creating products that are innovative and relevant.  Driven by that need for success - success in formulation, success in manufacturing, and most importantly, success for their customers, NCL continues to be a trailblazer in the personal care industry.


A new trend is rising.  Halal Certified Products, once unknown to many consumers, are quickly becoming a frontrunner requirement in the cosmetic and skin care industries.  This certification ensures that products are made in an acceptable manner per Islamic Law.

These very strict standards for manufacturing are not just appealing to the Muslim population anymore, but now are starting to appeal to anyone who is looking for products made with Halal’s higher standard.  Imogen Matthews, in his article in Happi, explains that Halal beauty products are now in hot demand by “those looking for more rigorous claims than most natural or organic brands can offer.”

With discerning consumers from varying religions and cultures bringing in a higher demand for Halal Certified Products, it is important to also consider the large number of Muslim consumers that will also be in search of these products.  According to Mi-Anne Chan, in her article for Refinery29, “Muslims comprise over 23% of the global population.”  She continues to explain that “since 2013, Google searches for “halal makeup” have steadily increased.”

With this new demand for Halal certified products, Northwest Cosmetic Labs is equipped and ready to mitigate this need.  As a Halal inspected facility, they are excited to further manufacture the success of their customers.