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Northwest Cosmetic Labs is excited to welcome Michael Hughes to the NCL team as Chief Operating Officer.  Michael comes to Northwest Cosmetic Labs with over 17 years of experience in the beauty and skin care industry.  Previously working with one of the world’s leading consumer goods corporations, Procter & Gamble, Michael successfully directed operations in distribution and manufacturing, grossing over 2 billion in sales annually. 

“Michael’s extensive experience in supply chain, operations, leadership, and LEAN manufacturing makes him uniquely suited for this position,” stated Matt Bryant, CEO of Northwest Cosmetic Labs.  “We look forward to enhancing our perspectives as we collaborate with Michael, working as a team to further the success of our customers.”

Michael received his Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical engineering from University College Dublin in Ireland and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Iowa.

Bringing his vast knowledge to NCL, Michael will oversee all manufacturing operations across the company, including customer service, supply chain, purchasing, engineering, production, and continuous improvement.  Michael’s top priority will be to ensure that the highest quality products are being produced on time and in-full for every customer.  His goal is to build on NCL’s world-class operations, creating a culture that is highly adaptable, team-oriented, and streamlined to ensure excellent work flow and best-in-class responsiveness for every customer.

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Our success stems from your success, and we like to be successful.  Project managers at Northwest Cosmetic Labs view every project as their highest priority.  They put everything they have into every project to ensure a successful new product is created to match the vision of each and every customer.  The success of their projects stem from forward-thinking processes that are utilized for every customer’s new projects. 

Project managers at Northwest Cosmetic Labs are constantly looking for better ways to communicate timelines, update their customers, and build confidence in their projects.  A spreadsheet program ensures that customers have updated timelines that reflect their project’s progress and endgame.  These timelines are reactive to changes and give a clear view of action items that must be completed for a project to be successful.  This interactive program not only ensures that a project is staying on course, but also communicates the deep desire of project managers to accomplish successful projects for their customers.

Project Managers at Northwest Cosmetic Labs find their success as they work hard every day to improve their processes, building greater products and confidence with every customer they work with.  

Through the Cosmovation Process®, Northwest Cosmetic Labs continues to find new and innovative ways to better serve their customers.  Employees in every department of NCL are driven by the necessity to consistently establish great processes through forward-thinking.  Building on a foundation of great service, NCL progressively looks to the future to ensure that our innovative approaches bring maximum success to our customers.


We believe in great connections.   Our experience has shown us that efficiency and success come from great connections with customers, technology, and forward-thinking processes.  Specializing in this, the IT Department continues to find ways, utilizing the Cosmovation Process®, to build on connections to enhance technology, to give customers a better experience, and to raise NCL’s processes to a new level of productivity.

The IT Department at Northwest Cosmetic Labs is currently preparing to launch a new customer portal which will change the face of customer service in the world of manufacturing.  This portal was designed and coded with the customer in mind, bringing convenience and productivity right to every customer’s phone or computer. 

Constantly looking for ways to improve processes at Northwest Cosmetic Labs, the IT Department has achieved a superior workflow, top-of-the-line communication systems, and dependable networking.  Prioritizing the customer in everything they do, they will continue to search out ways to build great connections through the Cosmovation Process®. 

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Northwest Cosmetic Labs is excited to recognize Javier Caudillo for his excellent work in the warehouse.

Javier is a material handler from Shelley, Idaho.  His day-to-day responsibilities include organizing, transporting, and tracking materials.  Javier is a hard worker that values being on time and doing his job correctly, without complaint.   His great work ethic and dependability makes him a vital part of the warehouse team.

When Javier is not at work, he enjoys taking care of his beautiful 1-acre lawn, playing football with his family, and just spending time with his four grandkids. 

Please join us in congratulating Javier on a job well done!

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Helping to build a foundation of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in the local community, Northwest Cosmetic Labs was excited to take part in the "Growing Together" I-STEM Teacher Development Event at the College of Eastern Idaho.


Northwest Cosmetic Labs is excited to recognize Derek Gneiting for his exceptional work in the Information Technology (IT) Department.

Derek is a Systems Administrator who works to ensure that every computer is running smoothly at Northwest Cosmetic Labs.  His day-to-day responsibilities include updating the servers, setting up computers and tablets, assisting employees with computer issues, and many more things.  He loves working in IT and enjoys the friendships he has made here and the great work environment in his department.

Derek truly enjoys his job, but when he is not at work, he loves hanging out with his family, going camping, or just spending time together.  He and his wife recently welcomed their third child which keeps their family very busy.

Please join us in congratulating Derek on a job well done!


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Why Jasmine? Jasmine is proving itself to be more than just an aromatic flower with superficial beauty. It is now showing a new form of beauty in its nourishing and beneficial properties as a skin care ingredient.

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Cosmovation Now: Roses

No Longer Just a Romantic Gesture: The Impressive Cosmetic Benefits of Roses

Why Roses?

Roses have always been a fragrant gesture of love and adoration.  For centuries, the rose petal has adorned walkways, baths, and bedrooms, bringing an aromatic and luxurious sight for special occasions or just a pampering experience.  But roses are also known for other less superfluous uses.  Rose Water, Rosehip Oil, and many other subsidiaries of the rose flower have become a hot topic in the skincare industry.  It is time for that romantic grand gesture to become a highly sought-after and utilized skincare ingredient.

Cosmovation Now: Kale

No Longer Just the Garnish on Your Plate: The Amazing Skin Benefits of Kale.

What is Kale?
From the plant species Brassica oleracea, it consists of green or purple leaves which do not form a head. 

Enjoy an enhanced antioxidant shield.
Kale creates a shield to protect your skin cells from free radicals caused by pollution.  Environmental aggressors can create free radicals in your skin which can prematurely age your skin, encouraging age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.  Kale, packed with powerful antioxidants, can prevent these negative side effects while repairing past damage from external pollutants as well.

Augment your youthful appearance.
Kale utilizes Lutein, a carotenoid, to promote the production of collagen.  With greater levels of collagen, your skin will have a more toned and firmed look, giving you a vibrant, more youthful appearance.

Are you in need of improved skin hydration?
Get that much-needed hydration while enjoying healthier-looking and cleaner-looking skin.  Kale is packed with Vitamin E which helps replenish the skin’s moisture while reducing the presence of inflammation and encouraging a more vibrant and refreshed complexion. 

Enrich your hair and scalp with intense moisture.
Kale utilizes omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to bring intense hydration to the hair and scalp, reducing dandruff and assuaging that pesky flaky scalp.

No longer just a garnish on your plate, Kale has become an enhanced personal care ingredient, enriching your skin and hair with needed nutrients.

Northwest Cosmetic Lab’s Cosmovation® Now videos focus on ingredients that can be used in skin care and cosmetic products. Northwest Cosmetic Labs (NCL) was founded in 1995 in a small, rented office located near Channing Way in Idaho Falls. NCL, in its 21 years of business, has become a powerhouse in the cosmetic manufacturing arena, working with some of today's top prestigious cosmetic brands. NCL is known for their unique process that brings a concept to customers. This process, dubbed the Cosmovation Process®, infuses innovation into every step, helping to successfully bring cosmetics into the hands of the customer.

The Cosmetic Industry

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As the skincare and cosmetic industries evolve to cater to the needs of a new generation, men’s grooming and skincare is making a comeback, bringing with it new opportunities for both the enterprising company and the trendy consumer. 

To be successful in today’s grooming industry, it is important to move forward in an innovative and educated direction, creating convenient, user-friendly, educational, and marketable products for every man.


As men start utilizing more and more skincare and hair care products, a similar theme is starting to develop: the convenience and price of grooming products continue to govern the way men shop. When products are positioned at the front of the store or all in one aisle, they create a convenient and non-intimidating route towards a better grooming routine. (Mintel) Most men will take this route and build their consumerism on the comforting idea of convenience.

User-Friendly Routines

Although longer and more complex skincare and hair care routines are being embraced by women, men still desire a simpler, less tedious daily routine to keep up their grooming.  Many men want the well-groomed appearance but don’t want to spend the extra time needed to accomplish that look.  In fact, although 54% of Millennial men in the US have a beard or stubble, only 28% will ensure that it always looks neat.  (Mintel) There is a niche for user-friendly routines that give men that well-groomed look without eating away at their time.


With skincare and hair care knowledge openly available at every person’s fingertips, there is still a large disconnect for most men.  “Less than a third of male consumers know their skin type and less than a quarter realize their skin is different to women's” (Mintel).  There is a great opportunity in the industry to better educate men on skincare and hair care, leading to higher demand and greater positive results.  If companies can become problem-solvers, highlighting their product’s great benefits while educating and informing, they have the potential to greatly increase product usage.  (Mintel)

Successful Branding

The new dapper and distinguished trend is changing the face of facial hair and men’s grooming.  The rustic, long, and scruffy beard has been replaced with a sculpted, sophisticated look that takes men back to a time of straight razors and barbers on every corner.  This branding appeals to the life a man wants to be living but doesn’t necessarily live.  It needs to speak to a man’s idea of who he is and cater to that desired image.  (Mintel)

As new opportunities for men’s hair care and skincare products present themselves, success will come from embracing the new trends, creating convenience in products, building user-friendly routines, and marketing a desired look for every dapper man.  

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A new era of sun protection is bringing new beliefs and misconceptions to a market that has been around for over eighty years.  These new trends follow a generation that are known as trailblazers and trendsetters in their own right – Millennials.  This large population which has shaped many key industries, have made up their mind on sun care, bringing many new ideas, trends, and common issues to the surface for the skincare market.

With more and more information available on the harmful effects of the sun, millennials do agree that good sun care regimens are important.  Right now, millennials use a higher percentage of sunscreen than non-millennials (Mintel).  Their sun care product usage usually have higher SPFs, and they like to use many different products that include sun protection claims such as makeup, facial skincare, and body moisturizers (Mintel).  Millennials also don’t limit their sun protection to the warmer months.  54% of millennials will use sun protection products year-round (Mintel).

With so much focus being put on sun protection products, a surprisingly large number of millennials don’t understand how the “Sun Protection Factor” works.  In fact, 24% of US millennials “agree that SPF levels can be really confusing,” and 35% of UK millennials think that “SPF refers to the number of minutes you can spend in the sun before you need to reapply sun protection (Mintel).”  These common misconceptions affect the way that sunscreens are used and puts their effectiveness at risk. 

In order to accommodate this new sun care market, companies who have long pushed the dangers of the sun, can now start pushing the solutions to avoiding sun damage with clear instructions and education to make every millennial confident in their own Sun Protection Factor.


In an industry that is inundated with skin care and body care products that fight external pollutants, one glaring threat has historically been overlooked.  Blue HEVL (High Energy Visible Light), commonly referred to as Blue Light, is becoming a greater threat in the high-tech world that we live in.  This form of light pollution, which comes from smartphone screens, computer screens, televisions, and many other sources, can cause damage to the skin with as little as an innocent glance at your phone a few times a day.

Since technology is not going away, many skincare companies have an opportunity to market a solution to this growing epidemic that significantly plagues the “millennial” and “Linkster” generations.  Right now, the average US Millennial will check their phone 157 times a day, whereas the older generation will generally only check their phone about 30 times a day (Mintel).  This increase in Blue light exposure can cause a reduction in carotenoids (antioxidant) levels in the skin, reduce healthy sleep patterns, and induce hyperpigmentation in light-to-medium brown skin (Mintel).

An opportunity has arisen in the skin care and body care industries to address this growing threat.  Products that before were designed just for a sun protection factor can now be updated and reformulated to include Blue HEVL light pollution as well.  In a changing world with changing needs, the market is ready for new and forward-thinking approaches to shed new light on the age-old battle of healthy and protected skin care.