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New opportunities await.  Northwest Cosmetic Labs is excited to add a new state-of-the-art facility that has been built on the long-standing foundation of manufacturing success for all of our customers. 

This new building will allow for department expansions, more production capabilities, and a larger square footage to manufacture the highest quality product every time.  With more space and new high-tech machinery, NCL will be able to push the boundaries further and take our forward-thinking to the next level for all of our customers.

It is time.  Time for new opportunities and new possibilities.  NCL has embraced the future of cosmetic manufacturing with this new building; a building that is more than just brick and mortar.  It is a building that represents efficiency and hard work.  A building that embodies a strong commitment to our customers and a drive to provide the best service in the manufacturing industry.

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We are here to back you up. Here at Northwest Cosmetic Labs, we believe in great customer service built on the foundation of “no surprises.”  With that concept in mind, the customer service team at NCL has shown their innovative and forward-thinking mindset by creating a triangle of support for every customer.

The triangle of support’s main purpose is to be an all-inclusive support for you and your project.  Consisting of your project manager, customer service representative, and sales person, you will always have the information and answers you need in every stage of the manufacturing process. 

The multi-faceted nature of cosmetic manufacturing requires great communication and assistance throughout the entire process.  From ideation to actualization, your triangle of support ensures that all your questions are answered and needs are met.  Whether you are receiving an order status update from your customer service representative or an accurate quote from your sales person, you can rest assured that constant communication is happening and that this support network is driven by your success.

Through the Cosmovation Process, Northwest Cosmetic Labs continues to find new and innovative ways to better serve their customers.  Employees in every department of NCL are driven by the necessity to consistently establish great processes through forward-thinking.  Building on a foundation of great service, NCL progressively looks to the future to ensure that our innovative approaches bring maximum success to our customers.


Northwest Cosmetic Labs, driven by their dedication to continuous improvement and quality, has received the ISO 13485:2003 Certification.  With the assistance of an accredited registrar, NCL is now internationally certified to contract manufacture silicone-based scar gel and other non-sterile medical devices.  In the cosmetic industry, medical devices are considered implants, machines, instruments, or in vitro reagents that are intended to be used in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases or other medical conditions. Northwest Cosmetic Labs is proud to offer quality manufacturing of medical devices at their facility.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) brings a worldwide federation together to form international management standards.  These standards give NCL a baseline for the practices and expectations in manufacturing medical devices. Wendy Lees, Vice-President of Research and Technology points out: “Each employee here [NCL] has a significant impact on the success of our business.  Each employee has a critical role in the continual improvement of our business.  A true quality system such as this helps to build a great foundation for managing our business, bettering our work environment, and providing better service to our customers.”

This new certification finds NCL looking to the future at their commitment to continue their high standard of quality.  With surveillance audits occurring 1-2 times a year, NCL is driven to continually surpass expectations and the high standards set by ISO.

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NCL is excited to recognize Lorrie for her outstanding work in the customer service department.

Lorrie works in customer service as a customer service representative.  Her daily job entails constant communication with customers and striving to ensure that all customers are happy with their orders at Northwest Cosmetics.  She enjoys working closely with every department at NCL and loves to see passion and drive in the people she works with.

Lorrie loves to spend time with her family doing outdoor activities such as camping and fishing.  She enjoys taking care of her flower beds and is happiest when she is with her kids and grandkids.

Please join us in congratulating Lorrie on a job well done.

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Lamont Evans, a valued employee at Northwest Cosmetic Labs, tragically lost his life on March 18, 2013.  Lamont was a friend to everyone who knew him.  His giving nature and inherent talent to bring out the best in people exemplified the characteristics and traits that represent the core values of NCL.  Lamont Evan’s poignant legacy was the inspiration for NCL’s highest award, the “Lamont Evans – Heart of a Leader” award.

This year, the first annual “Lamont Evans – Heart of a Leader” recognition was awarded to Angie Smith, a deserving employee who is leaving a legacy of her own.  Angie daily exemplifies trustworthiness, a great work ethic, positivity, and a passion for helping not only the company, but those around her.  She leaves a positive impact on everyone she meets, and she shows her leadership through her service to her fellow employees.  These traits and many more inspired her co-workers to nominate her for this prestigious award.

The path to finding an employee to receive this great honor began with an employee nomination process.  If an employee wanted to nominate another employee, they would fill out a form that asked for the name of the person and justification for the nomination.  These forms were then all submitted to Human Resources to review.  Recalling the nomination process, Matt Bryant, NCL’s CEO, said, “The individual that is the first recipient of this award actually had a pretty good stack [of nominations].  It was pretty close for a while, but the separation became more evident.”  As more and more nominations came in, it became clear who the employees of NCL believed would be a deserving candidate for this great honor.

With great employees who exemplify the high standards of NCL everyday, NCL is always excited to recognize great people doing great things.


NCL is excited to recognize Shane Kilpatrick for his outstanding work in the purchasing department.
Shane works in purchasing as the Senior Buyer of raw materials. His daily job entails the category management of all ingredients that go into the products that are produced at NCL.  This can include vendor management, costing, delivery of materials, and many other tasks.
Shane is passionate about his work.  He values working in a team and enjoys the support he receives from his coworkers.  He understands that everyone at NCL has an impact on the way business is done and strives every day to leave a positive impact on the company, vendors, and his coworkers.
His family is very important to him, and he loves getting the opportunity to serve others. When he is not at work, Shane loves fishing.  He loves spending time at the nearest river with nothing but a fly rod and nature. 

Please join us in congratulating Shane on a job well done!


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Cosmovation™ Now: Coffee

No Longer Just an Invigorating Drink: Coffee’s Impressive Cosmetic Benefits.

What is Coffee?
Coffea Arabica Seed Extract, AKA Coffee, is an extract that can be found in the beans of the coffee plant.  The Coffea Arabica L. plant thrives in high altitudes with rich soils.  Harvested for many purposes, coffee is an excellent resource that can be easily found and cultivated.

Want to revitalize those baggy, tired eyes?
The caffeine in coffee works as an excellent anti-inflammatory to combat the extra blood flow in the dark circles and puffy skin around the eyes.  In fact, caffeine works so effectively to eliminate under-eye dark circles and puffy eyes, that it is in almost every under-eye product available on the market.

Is your dry and flaky skin on your face exhausting your resolve?
Coffee is an ideal ingredient for face masks.  With its great exfoliation and skin softening properties, coffee guarantees a smoother, more hydrated complexion after use.  Unlike some exfoliators, coffee helps to get rid of the dead and flaky skin while moisturizing the new skin underneath, leaving you with a perfect post-exfoliation complexion.

Wake up to brighter skin.
Giving your skin that radiant glow is as easy as utilizing cosmetics that are formulated with coffee.  With the large amount of antioxidants in coffee, skin has a better chance of fighting off many bacteria and viruses that can dull the skin and cause many negative skin conditions.   

Put that puffy skin to rest.
Providing excellent anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin, coffee can significantly improve the appearance of puffiness and redness that can plague your skin. 

With so many great benefits, coffee has become a must-have ingredient for many successful skincare formulations.  Being an ingredient in over 25% of all new product launches in 2016 (Mintel 2017), the world has caught on to the supreme benefits of coffee in cosmetics.  No longer just an invigorating drink, coffee is changing the energy of the skincare world.

Northwest Cosmetic Lab’s Cosmovation™ Now videos focus on ingredients that can be used in skin care and cosmetic products. Northwest Cosmetic Labs (NCL) was founded in 1995 in a small, rented office located near Channing Way in Idaho Falls. NCL, in its 21 years of business, has become a powerhouse in the cosmetic manufacturing arena, working with some of today's top prestigious cosmetic brands. NCL is known for their unique process that brings a concept to customers. This process, dubbed the Cosmovation Process™, infuses innovation into every step, helping to successfully bring cosmetics into the hands of the customer.

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Cosmovation™ Now: Shea Butter

What is Shea Butter?
Shea Butter is a natural vegetable fat extracted from the nut of the African tree Vitellaria paradoxa.  The nut is primarily comprised of Vitamins A, E and F, Carotene, and saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.

Trying to combat the appearance of aging skin? 
Shea Butter helps to fight the appearance of those pesky wrinkles by encouraging a boost in your skin’s collagen levels.  That saggy, lifeless skin will appear more elastic and firm after applying Shea Butter.

Having issues with dry and itchy skin?
Shea Butter contains essential vitamins that soothe and hydrate the skin.  Skin will feel moisturized and soft after application.

Is your lifeless hair bringing you down?
Give your hair a little extra bounce with Shea Butter.  Shea Butter promotes the restoration of flexibility and elasticity in your hair, sprucing up your style and giving your hair the volume you have been searching for.

Longing for more moisture in your hair?
Giving hair that coveted hydration, Shea Butter helps to lock in moisture to ensure that hair keeps its beautiful and healthy sheen.

Northwest Cosmetic Labs Cosmovation™ Now videos focus on ingredients that can be used in skin care and cosmetic products. Northwest Cosmetic Labs (NCL) was founded in 1995 in a small, rented office located near Channing Way in Idaho Falls. NCL, in its 21 years of business, has become a powerhouse in the cosmetic manufacturing arena, working with some of today's top prestigious cosmetic brands. NCL is known for their unique process that brings a concept to customers. This process, dubbed the Cosmovation Process™, infuses innovation into every step, helping to successfully bring cosmetics into the hands of the customer.

Cosmovation™ Now: Grapeseed Oil

The New Cosmovation™ Now video is live. Check out the video above.

What is Grapeseed Oil?
Pressed from the seeds of grapes, grapeseed oil is rich in beta-carotene and vitamins D, C, and E with a concentration of essential fatty acids like stearic, linoleic, and palmitic acid.

Sick of dry, flaky skin?
Grapeseed Oil is an excellent moisturizer that is ideal for sensitive skin.  With its light and smooth properties, it will hydrate without clogging the pores.

Ready to unclog those pores?
Grapeseed Oil utilizes superb astringent capabilities to tighten the appearance of skin and close those pesky pores that can become clogged, leading to pimples.

Are you successfully hiding those dark circles under your eyes?
Grapeseed Oil is a gentle alternative that applies smoothly to the under-eye region to help the appearance of under-eye circles become nonexistent.

Are those fine lines and wrinkles getting you down?
Grapeseed Oil is full of antioxidants that help to provide skin with an increased guard against the harmful free radicals that are environmentally everywhere.

Tired of your dull, lifeless hair?
With a very light feel, Grapeseed oil is an ideal way to bring moisture and shine back to the hair without leaving behind that terrible, greasy look.

 Does your scalp need a little TLC?
Keeping the scalp hydrated can be a constant battle.  Grapeseed oil brings an intense hydration to the scalp, encouraging less dandruff and itchy scalp.

Northwest Cosmetic Labs Cosmovation™ Now videos focus on ingredients that can be used in skin care and cosmetic products. Northwest Cosmetic Labs (NCL) was founded in 1995 in a small, rented office located near Channing Way in Idaho Falls. NCL, in its 21 years of business, has become a powerhouse in the cosmetic manufacturing arena, working with some of today's top prestigious cosmetic brands. NCL is known for their unique process that brings a concept to customers. This process, dubbed the Cosmovation Process™, infuses innovation into every step, helping to successfully bring cosmetics into the hands of the customer.

The Cosmetic Industry

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Is simple better?  The cosmetic industry has joined the movement of simplifying and decluttering lifestyles and environments.  This new trend is bringing a new culture to the makeup industry that is revolutionizing the way cosmetics are created, worn, and even disposed of.

A survey completed by Mintel recently showed US women and men are looking for a simpler and more straightforward cosmetic industry.  Of the US women and men surveyed, 69% of US women spent 20 minutes or less on a daily beauty routine, 43% of skincare consumers are looking for products with straightforward usage instructions, and 21% of US female haircare users look for products with as few ingredients as possible.

This survey reflects the growing push for a different kind of cosmetics experience, an experience where people have confidence in the transparency and minimalism of their products.

One way that the cosmetics industry has shown their innovative and accommodative mindset is through the minimizing of ingredients in a formula.  Many companies are touting an impressive simplified ingredient list with fewer than 15 listed ingredients while others are splitting up the ingredients into separate containers to allow for customization from the user, ensuring that only the necessary and beneficial ingredients are being utilized.  (Mintel)

The culture of the cosmetics industry is changing, but the foundation of great products with the end consumer in mind never will.  As the masses demand different approaches to skincare and cosmetics, the industry will be ready to conquer these new trends, pushing themselves to a new peak of creativity and consumer-driven formulation.

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Are you longing for those smoky eyes and perfectly contoured cheeks?  When you go into a cosmetics store, are you overwhelmed by fifty products that all claim to have the same benefits?  Have no fear, there are people that can help.  Put down that eyeshadow and makeup brush, go to your computer, and access thousands of people who can expertly lead you to the answers you are searching for. 

This is the solution that has become the norm.  In a new, user-generated world, anyone can be an expert on anything.  It is no longer a necessity to be a makeup artist to give great makeup tips or a mechanic to give directions on fixing an engine.  The modern-day advice column is loaded with suggestions from any person that can operate a video camera and find the upload button.

These “experts” have created such a large following with their video blogs, they have become celebrities in their own right.  In fact, in the world today, almost two-thirds of teens use Youtube to learn about beauty styles and new products (Mintel).  This presents a problem for the traditional marketing venues.  With so much attention being dedicated to free makeup tutorials on Youtube, makeup companies have begun to discover that their best marketing ideas will need to take a new approach: user-generated content.

When a teenager follows a popular cosmetic vlogger on Youtube, they don’t just watch one video but follow the vlogger’s channel and trust the vlogger to give them the best information about cosmetic products (Mintel). Understanding this dedication and trust that consumers give to their vloggers, cosmetic companies have concluded that the best ways to market their products are through venues like Youtube. 

Cosmetic companies have found many ways to join the Youtube movement.  Sending free makeup to popular beauty vloggers, hiring a popular beauty vlogger as a spokesperson, or even just starting a beauty vlog of their own, they are finding ways to leave their impact on consumers in a new, more effective way.

Will this new trend always be the most popular way to market products?  Probably not.  But the cosmetics industry will be ready.  They will continue to show their innovative thinking and resourcefulness that keeps them in the top tiers of consumerism.


Breathing new life and opportunity into the cosmetics industry, a new generation is here to change the way the cosmetics industry has traditionally operated.  This new generation, making up about 25% of the American population, were born between 1980 and 2000 and fondly refer to themselves as “millennials.”

Millennials bring new mindsets and beliefs to their consumerism; mindsets that set them apart and encourage drastic changes in the way that purchases are made.  This new generation values causes over quality, online reviews over a salesperson’s advice, and open environments where trying things on is encouraged.  These changes in the cosmetic industry have been met head-on, bringing about many successful makeup companies that cater to this new mindset.

With many world causes available to stand behind, millennials firmly believe that if a company cares about the world and their causes, then they care about them as well.  Millennials are passionate and want to leave a positive imprint on the world.  One way they feel they can do that is through supporting companies that have sincere causes. 

Preferring the brick and mortar store and online resources, millennials enjoy finding products online because they can research these products and make an educated decision before purchasing.  With their new knowledge in-hand, they are ready to go into a brick and mortar store to try on and purchase their desired cosmetic products.

Many cosmetics stores now offer stations where trying on makeup is encouraged and expected.  Also, many popular monthly subscription sample boxes bring the newest in cosmetics right to the consumer’s door for a very nominal fee.  These great “shopping” methods appease the millennial and encourage more shopping opportunities.

The cosmetics industry is changing.  It has shifted some of its focus to a nearly 1 1/2 trillion-dollar industry that prefers clean labelling and messaging, customization, and natural ingredients for their products.  Continually looking towards new trends and new generations, the cosmetics industry is up for the many challenges that can come from generational gaps.