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We support.  NCL understands the importance of being a steward to the community - standing as an advocate for great causes.  Recently, they took the opportunity to support a local non-profit animal shelter through the Idaho Gives movement.
The Idaho Gives Program is a non-profit website that designates one day a year to raise money for many non-profits across the state of Idaho.   This great program raises over a million dollars in one day for multiple deserving foundations.
The Snake River Animal Shelter is a local non-profit that works to find a home for every dog and cat that comes into their facility.  Their goal is to improve adoption rates and avoid euthanasia.  This year, they have already found new homes for 234 cats and dogs.

Assisting Snake River Animal Shelter in making over $11,000 towards reducing cat adoption fees and building a new medical wing for their facility, NCL was honored to take part in such a worthy cause.  Always looking for new ways to serve their great community, NCL looks forward to future opportunities to make a difference.

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We stand behind integrity – integrity in our formulas, integrity in our manufacturing processes, and integrity in our everyday practices.  This determination for accuracy and reliability in every aspect of our business is the driving factor for an innovative new approach to formula efficacy in our Research and Technology Department.

The R&T Department has developed a new procedure to ensure the integrity of formulas in every stage of development and manufacturing. This new, forward-thinking process will utilize the expertise of a process engineer, pilot batching equipment, and earlier integrity/stability testing to create extremely accurate formulas that not only fit your vision but that fit your expectations and parameters.

This new approach to formula integrity will help R&T be preventative rather than detective in their approach to creating exceptional formulas – formulas that you will have confidence in from formulation to production.   

It all comes down to integrity.  As we work to manufacture your success, we will continue to utilize the Cosmovation Processto find new and innovative ways to improve our practices and show integrity in everything we do.

Through the Cosmovation Process, Northwest Cosmetic Labs continues to find new and innovative ways to better serve their customers.  Employees in every department of NCL are driven by the necessity to consistently establish great processes through forward-thinking.  Building on a foundation of great service, NCL progressively looks to the future to ensure that our innovative approaches bring maximum success to our customers.


With the end of March Madness, tournament brackets everywhere are being scrutinized to assess how well the odds were defied and results correctly forecasted.  At Northwest Cosmetic Labs, brackets are being scrutinized for a different reason.  With the wrap-up of their annual Hoops for Hope charitable event, March Madness brackets are being scrutinized to select one lucky person to receive $500.00 for the charity of their choice.

This year, after great participation and many excellent bracket predictions, the winner of Hoops for Hope chose the Spirited Sanctuary to receive this donation. The Spirited Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary located in Brentwood, California.  Standing up for neglected and displaced animals, they work tirelessly to look after creatures without a voice of their own.    

Scoring big for a great cause, NCL is honored to work with their customers to impact the world for the better.

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NCL is excited to recognize Alex Byrne for her outstanding work in the Research and Technology Department.

Alex is a color technician who helps to ensure that all color cosmetics are accurately colored.  She enjoys working with an upbeat team and works hard to always get her projects done in a timely manner.  Her hard work and great attitude has made her an important part of the R&T team.

Outside of work, Alex’s first hobby is her daughter.  She also loves spending time with her family in the outdoors, riding four-wheelers and going camping.

Please join us in congratulating Alex on a job well done!

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NCL is excited to recognize Jerry Humphries for his excellent work in production.  Jerry was born in Idaho Falls and loves the outdoors.  When he has time, he enjoys hunting and fishing, appreciating all that Idaho has to offer.

As a machine operator on a tube-sealing machine, Jerry loves running the machine with a team that is honest and willing to work well with others.  His hard work and great attitude are reflected in everything he does.  He believes strongly in doing his best work all of the time, taking pride in getting the job done. 

Please join us in congratulating Jerry on a job well done!


NCL is excited to recognize Becky Rico for her outstanding work in production.

Becky is a lipstick machine operator who emulates the many positive attributes that NCL values in their employees.  As a machine operator, she enjoys the challenge of her job which includes an intricate setup process and creating beautiful lipstick bullets for NCL’s customers.  She enjoys working with hard workers that are pleasant and show kindness to each other.

Becky works well with her team, encouraging them to work harder to improve their quality production rates.  In fact, she even brings in enchiladas to her team when they make their goal. 

Outside of work, Becky loves spending time with her family.  She enjoys spending quality time with her kids by taking them to parks and other fun places.

Please join us in congratulating Becky on a job well done!


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Cosmovation Now: Kale

No Longer Just the Garnish on Your Plate: The Amazing Skin Benefits of Kale.

What is Kale?
From the plant species Brassica oleracea, it consists of green or purple leaves which do not form a head. 

Enjoy an enhanced antioxidant shield.
Kale creates a shield to protect your skin cells from free radicals caused by pollution.  Environmental aggressors can create free radicals in your skin which can prematurely age your skin, encouraging age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.  Kale, packed with powerful antioxidants, can prevent these negative side effects while repairing past damage from external pollutants as well.

Augment your youthful appearance.
Kale utilizes Lutein, a carotenoid, to promote the production of collagen.  With greater levels of collagen, your skin will have a more toned and firmed look, giving you a vibrant, more youthful appearance.

Are you in need of improved skin hydration?
Get that much-needed hydration while enjoying healthier-looking and cleaner-looking skin.  Kale is packed with Vitamin E which helps replenish the skin’s moisture while reducing the presence of inflammation and encouraging a more vibrant and refreshed complexion. 

Enrich your hair and scalp with intense moisture.
Kale utilizes omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to bring intense hydration to the hair and scalp, reducing dandruff and assuaging that pesky flaky scalp.

No longer just a garnish on your plate, Kale has become an enhanced personal care ingredient, enriching your skin and hair with needed nutrients.

Northwest Cosmetic Lab’s Cosmovation® Now videos focus on ingredients that can be used in skin care and cosmetic products. Northwest Cosmetic Labs (NCL) was founded in 1995 in a small, rented office located near Channing Way in Idaho Falls. NCL, in its 21 years of business, has become a powerhouse in the cosmetic manufacturing arena, working with some of today's top prestigious cosmetic brands. NCL is known for their unique process that brings a concept to customers. This process, dubbed the Cosmovation Process®, infuses innovation into every step, helping to successfully bring cosmetics into the hands of the customer.

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Cosmovation™ Now: Broccoli Seed Oil

The Superfood that is no longer left on the plate: Broccoli Seed Oil’s Impressive Cosmetic Benefits.

What is Broccoli Seed Oil?
Broccoli Seed Oil, also known as Brassica Oleracea Italica Seed Oil, is an oil extracted from the broccoli seed.  It contains essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants, making it an excellent option for skincare formulations.

Is your hair looking a little undesirably dull?
Broccoli Seed Oil can bring back that attractive, glossy shine that you have been missing.  With a similar composition to a common silicone in shampoos, Broccoli Seed Oil’s unique fatty acid composition will leave you with an excellent natural sheen.

Are you sick of those pesky free radicals?
With a large amount of Vitamin C, Broccoli Seed Oil has the antioxidant properties needed to combat the negative effects of free radicals.  When Broccoli Seed Oil is formulated into skincare formulations, it will improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, giving your skin a more youthful complexion.

Are you longing for that natural glow?
Rich in Beta Carotene, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B Complex, Broccoli Seed Oil takes the skin from dull and drab to bright and fabulous.  That natural glow that you have been longing for is no longer out of reach in your skin regimen.

Are you ready to leave behind that frizzy hair?
Broccoli Seed Oil calms the frizz without weighing the hair down.  No longer will you need to coat your hair in silicone to tame those locks.  You can now enjoy a non-greasy, better controlled style no matter what occasion you are preparing for.

Are you trying to get the worries of dry skin off your plate?
Your skin can enjoy a deeper hydration with Broccoli Seed Oil.  With the fatty acids found in Broccoli Seed Oil, skin will have long-lasting moisture that will keep your skin smoother longer.

It is time to break through broccoli’s undesirable reputation to bring this super fruit back to the front line.  With its many impressive skin and hair benefits, Broccoli Seed Oil is ready to change its perception through its surprising personal care benefits.

Northwest Cosmetic Lab’s Cosmovation™ Now videos focus on ingredients that can be used in skin care and cosmetic products. Northwest Cosmetic Labs (NCL) was founded in 1995 in a small, rented office located near Channing Way in Idaho Falls. NCL, in its 21 years of business, has become a powerhouse in the cosmetic manufacturing arena, working with some of today's top prestigious cosmetic brands. NCL is known for their unique process that brings a concept to customers. This process, dubbed the Cosmovation Process™, infuses innovation into every step, helping to successfully bring cosmetics into the hands of the customer.

Cosmovation™ Now: Coffee

No Longer Just an Invigorating Drink: Coffee’s Impressive Cosmetic Benefits.

What is Coffee?
Coffea Arabica Seed Extract, AKA Coffee, is an extract that can be found in the beans of the coffee plant.  The Coffea Arabica L. plant thrives in high altitudes with rich soils.  Harvested for many purposes, coffee is an excellent resource that can be easily found and cultivated.

Want to revitalize those baggy, tired eyes?
The caffeine in coffee works as an excellent anti-inflammatory to combat the extra blood flow in the dark circles and puffy skin around the eyes.  In fact, caffeine works so effectively to eliminate under-eye dark circles and puffy eyes, that it is in almost every under-eye product available on the market.

Is your dry and flaky skin on your face exhausting your resolve?
Coffee is an ideal ingredient for face masks.  With its great exfoliation and skin softening properties, coffee guarantees a smoother, more hydrated complexion after use.  Unlike some exfoliators, coffee helps to get rid of the dead and flaky skin while moisturizing the new skin underneath, leaving you with a perfect post-exfoliation complexion.

Wake up to brighter skin.
Giving your skin that radiant glow is as easy as utilizing cosmetics that are formulated with coffee.  With the large amount of antioxidants in coffee, skin has a better chance of fighting off many bacteria and viruses that can dull the skin and cause many negative skin conditions.   

Put that puffy skin to rest.
Providing excellent anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin, coffee can significantly improve the appearance of puffiness and redness that can plague your skin. 

With so many great benefits, coffee has become a must-have ingredient for many successful skincare formulations.  Being an ingredient in over 25% of all new product launches in 2016 (Mintel 2017), the world has caught on to the supreme benefits of coffee in cosmetics.  No longer just an invigorating drink, coffee is changing the energy of the skincare world.

Northwest Cosmetic Lab’s Cosmovation™ Now videos focus on ingredients that can be used in skin care and cosmetic products. Northwest Cosmetic Labs (NCL) was founded in 1995 in a small, rented office located near Channing Way in Idaho Falls. NCL, in its 21 years of business, has become a powerhouse in the cosmetic manufacturing arena, working with some of today's top prestigious cosmetic brands. NCL is known for their unique process that brings a concept to customers. This process, dubbed the Cosmovation Process™, infuses innovation into every step, helping to successfully bring cosmetics into the hands of the customer.

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Pollution is now. 

Pollution is no longer an invisible perpetrator that can be ignored and underestimated.  It has become a concern all around the world.  In its own way, it has united the world with a common goal, a goal to protect the human body from the harmful, and sometimes deadly effects of pollution.

Right now, about 3.3 million people in the world are dying a premature death each year due to air pollution (Mintel).  Many countries are inundated with the realities of harmful environmental aggressors every day, but many people don’t realize the negative effects that pollution is having on their skin.  A study that was done in February 2016 for Science Daily shows a link between the levels of traffic-related air pollution and nitrogen dioxide NO2 with the formation of dark spots on the facial skin (Mintel).    Another study conducted by Dr. Frauke Neuser for Olay showed that air pollution can negatively impact the skin’s health by compromising its hydration and barrier function (Dermatology Times). 

As the risk and education of pollution continues to grow, many see the anti-pollution movement becoming the next UV movement, ensuring that the personal care industry will make it a standard routine to have anti-pollution claims on all their products (Mintel).

What does this mean for the personal care industry? 

Right now, only 1% of personal care launches focus on the anti-pollution concept (Mintel).  This leaves a lot of opportunity for new and innovative lines that address this problem head-on.  Navigating this new area of personal care, companies will find great success in their forward-thinking approach to a growing skincare needs.

Applying their Cosmovation Process™ in all aspects of their company, Northwest Cosmetic Labs has done their research and is ready to assist their customers in creating products that are innovative and relevant.  Driven by that need for success - success in formulation, success in manufacturing, and most importantly, success for their customers, NCL continues to be a trailblazer in the personal care industry.

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A new trend is rising.  Halal Certified Products, once unknown to many consumers, are quickly becoming a frontrunner requirement in the cosmetic and skin care industries.  This certification ensures that products are made in an acceptable manner per Islamic Law.

These very strict standards for manufacturing are not just appealing to the Muslim population anymore, but now are starting to appeal to anyone who is looking for products made with Halal’s higher standard.  Imogen Matthews, in his article in Happi, explains that Halal beauty products are now in hot demand by “those looking for more rigorous claims than most natural or organic brands can offer.”

With discerning consumers from varying religions and cultures bringing in a higher demand for Halal Certified Products, it is important to also consider the large number of Muslim consumers that will also be in search of these products.  According to Mi-Anne Chan, in her article for Refinery29, “Muslims comprise over 23% of the global population.”  She continues to explain that “since 2013, Google searches for “halal makeup” have steadily increased.”

With this new demand for Halal certified products, Northwest Cosmetic Labs is equipped and ready to mitigate this need.  As a Halal inspected facility, they are excited to further manufacture the success of their customers.


Is simple better?  The cosmetic industry has joined the movement of simplifying and decluttering lifestyles and environments.  This new trend is bringing a new culture to the makeup industry that is revolutionizing the way cosmetics are created, worn, and even disposed of.

A survey completed by Mintel recently showed US women and men are looking for a simpler and more straightforward cosmetic industry.  Of the US women and men surveyed, 69% of US women spent 20 minutes or less on a daily beauty routine, 43% of skincare consumers are looking for products with straightforward usage instructions, and 21% of US female haircare users look for products with as few ingredients as possible.

This survey reflects the growing push for a different kind of cosmetics experience, an experience where people have confidence in the transparency and minimalism of their products.

One way that the cosmetics industry has shown their innovative and accommodative mindset is through the minimizing of ingredients in a formula.  Many companies are touting an impressive simplified ingredient list with fewer than 15 listed ingredients while others are splitting up the ingredients into separate containers to allow for customization from the user, ensuring that only the necessary and beneficial ingredients are being utilized.  (Mintel)

The culture of the cosmetics industry is changing, but the foundation of great products with the end consumer in mind never will.  As the masses demand different approaches to skincare and cosmetics, the industry will be ready to conquer these new trends, pushing themselves to a new peak of creativity and consumer-driven formulation.